6 Apr
6 April 2018

Life-saving equipment for Manfeild

Around 1800 New Zealanders every year are treated for a cardiac arrest in the community and experts suggest survival is often largely due to what assistance comes within the first few minutes.

A vital piece of equipment that has a proven record in much improving a sufferer’s chances of survival has now been installed at Manfeild.

Julie Keane, chief executive of the popular Feilding facility, says she is delighted the venue now has an automated emergency defibrillator, provisioned as result of a Lion Foundation grant and sourced from Pro Med, the event medical services specialist provider to Manfeild.

Equipment that commonly costs no more than $2000 works by safely delivering a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping the organ to regain its natural rhythm. 

Contained within a robust casing no larger than a woman’s handbag, the computerised device analyses heart rhythms through electrodes placed on a patient’s chest and activates when a shockable rhythm is recognised.

The beauty of the setup is that it is designed to be of assistance to even novices as automatic voice prompts guide the user through the procedure.

The technology is an adjunct to CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) chest compressions which is a recommended first response.

Medical experts commonly cite that survival rates might be expected to fall from 90 percent if an AED is used within one minute to 50 percent after five minutes and 20 percent after eight minutes.

"The more people who know how to do CPR and have access to an AED, the greater the chances of patient survival are,” Mrs Keane says.

“We acknowledge how important it is to be ready for a medical emergency in any situation. We believe ours is the fifth defibrillator for Feilding, which can only enhance the safety net afforded to our home community.”

The defibrillator will be installed in the race control tower at Manfeild: Circuit Chris Amon since this part of the facility achieves highest regular usage.

Around 6000 defibrillators are now active in New Zealand and the national locations can be found on a handy phone app and also on an internet site

Manfeild defib.jpg

Caption: Manfeild events manager Jordyn Tate, with basic life support paramedic Matt Butland (left) and senior medic Josef Bradac from Pro Med, the event medical services specialist provider to the Feilding facility, show off the automated emergency defibrillator provisioned as result of a Lion Foundation grant.


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