2021 MG Classic Stadium Pitting

Terms of stadium pitting:

  • Fuel must be stored in appropriate containers.
  • Fuel containers must be closed when not in use.
  • Fuel cannot be stored in the stadium overnight; a fuel bund is provided through the sliding gate between the stadium and circuit.
  • Competitors must provide their own extension leads and multi box. These must be tagged and tested.
  • All care must be taken to minimise oil spills onto the ground, any spills are to be cleaned immediately.
  • A tarpaulin is compulsory on the equestrian surface – pit spaces 51 – 89.
  • Do not put stones or rubber from tyres, or any rubbish onto the equestrian surface. Please use the wheelie bins provided.
  • Please ensure your pit is left free of any rubbish on departure.
  • At the conclusion of the meeting all car parts and tyres must be removed from the stadium; failure to do this will result in a further account being sent to you for disposal.
  • No smoking or alcohol is permitted in the stadium at any time.
  • No sleeping in transporters or vehicles inside the stadium.

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