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With majority of our Sponsorship being located at the circuit, our Sponsorship package offers a great deal of visibility with numerous events down at the circuit on a very regular (weekly) basis. Some events have livestreaming or television coverage meaning your signage and brand recognition will be very high. Photographers are often down at the circuit meaning your signage has the potential to be in the background of numerous photos which are often posted across social media, print and digital marketing. 

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Feel free to contact if you would like to know more information or alternatively to meet our Marketing Coordinator on site to view the potential placement of your signage on our Circuit Chris Amon. 

The below pictures represent different size options within our Sponsorship Package, with the most popular option being three blocks. One block is 2x1m in size. 

           1 Block                                     3 Blocks                   Exterior Circuit Signage

Manfeild.jpgManfeild large.jpgManfeild billboard.jpg

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