5 Jun
5 June 2018

Manfeild driving programme recruit call

ADDITIONAL volunteer mentors to teach students to drive safely are required for a programme operating at Manfeild.

National Driver Training Centre programme manager Michael Barbour says his call for more recruits is driven by the success of the scheme at one local school.

The rewarding outcomes from a programme at Hato Paora College near Feilding has encouraged other schools in the region to seek involvement.

“Obviously this is great news but it does also raise a challenge,” Mr Barbour said.

““We are delighted to already have some amazing mentors who have generously given their time, yet we are now at a point where we have more students seeking help than can be managed.

“We need more mentors.”

The students seeking driver tuition hold a learner licence and are seeking support to progress to achieving a restricted qualification.

The mentors have so far come from Feilding’s two Rotary clubs.

Mr Barbour says it would be great to have more service club volunteers but adds that the opportunity to join in is being offered to anyone who has the right level of skills and can lend a hand for community good.

Feedback from those already giving assistance is that they feel it is a great privilege to further assist students who are both enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity.

Good driver education is essential for young peoples’ safety and will also help reduce the number of crashes, Mr Barbour says.

“This programme provides a way for the community to support our young people and help them develop safe driving behaviours.

“Our system addresses the barriers some learner drivers face when attempting to achieve their driver licence, including access to a suitable car and a driving mentor to give them the driving practise they need, and help instil responsible and prudent driving habits. This helps keep us all safe on the road.”

The mentors’ main role is to provide guidance to the students as they drive National Driver Training Centre’s partially electric Toyota Prius PHEV hatchbacks.

Anyone keen to help can contact Mr Barbour directly, on 027 488 5679, or the National Driver Training Centre at Manfeild, on 06 323 7444.

Manfeild NDTC recruits sought.jpg

Caption: National Driver Training Centre volunteer mentor Eric Linklater provides tuition to Hato Paora student  Paku Hook. National Driver Training Centre programme manager Michael Barbour is keen to recruit more adult volunteers to the young driver mentorship programme.

Photo by: Simone Viljoen


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