29 Aug
29 August 2022

Futureproofing Manfeild Park

Future proofing of Manfeild Facilities.

It has been a hub of activity around Manfeild as of late, with infrastructure projects going on at many different areas around the facility.

The Manfeild stadium took centre stage for the majority of these upgrades as the facility looks to future proof many of the unique and versatile assets which make up the facility.

A number of roofing repairs which were carried out by local contractors Manawatu roofing, have been implemented to maintain the structural integrity of the building and ensure that it can remain open at all times to accommodate the many varied events which are hosted here, whether that be in the stadium itself or upstairs in the suites.

With more projects in the pipeline and new events continuing to come to Manfeild, it will be important to keep up to date with the facilities maintenance to attract larger events to our region and put Manfeild and Feilding on display to the world.